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Selecting Orchid Pots – three Important Elements to Think about

Orchids are magical flowers which constantly fascinate flower lovers. Although rising orchids are made straightforward as a result of large availability of supplies and pointers, a number of components vastly have an effect on the success of those beauties. Elements embody potting combine, fertilizer, watering and the selection of orchid pots.

Orchid pots play an important position in rising orchids. Pots have quite a lot of sizes, shapes and kinds. Choosing the proper pots in your orchids will vastly rely upon the kind of species you’ve and the placement the place you’ll place the plant. The dimensions and kind of pots you select might flourish or kill your orchids. It is extremely vital that you already know the essential necessities of every orchid sort so you’ll succeed and discover orchid rising a rewarding pastime.

Orchid pots are generally constructed from terracotta clay, plastic and baskets. Every sort might have benefits and downsides relying in your orchid selection. Allow us to focus on the three sorts of orchid pots.


Plastic pots are light-weight and clear. This pot is finest used if you’ll place the plant indoors the place it’s much less more likely to be blown over. They’ve a number of drainage holes that present good drainage system superb for indoor use. Clear plastic pots will even enable the growers particularly novice, to note the roots for harm and pests. It may possibly additionally enable extra gentle to penetrate via the roots to encourage extra development. Plastic pots even have the flexibility to retain moist longer than clay pots.

Plastic pots usually are not advisable for out of doors use. Their light-weight attribute makes them to simply tip over and fall particularly in locations which are windy silicone stretch lids.

Terracotta Clay Pots

In case your orchids are for outside, use terracotta clay pots. They’re heavier and extra secure than plastic, so due to this fact they’ll stand up to sturdy winds. Frequent clay pots have just one gap on the backside, however some clay pots particularly designed for orchids have holes on the sidewalls. Orchid clay pots dry quicker than plastic, so it prevents the potting medium to be over hydrated which may kill some orchids.

One drawback of clay pots is that it has the flexibility to build up salts and clog the pores that may hinder the roots from getting oxygen. The accrued salt might turn out to be poisonous to the roots and can finally trigger harm.


Baskets are finest for orchids that sprawl and with pendant flowers. These are often constructed from wire, mesh, plastic or wooden. Baskets enable higher air circulation across the potting medium and roots than another sort of orchid pots. Nonetheless, baskets dry out the potting combine rapidly, so it is advisable to just be sure you water the orchids to stop them from drying.

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