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Power Strips 101- How to Buy and Use a Power Strip

It is important to organize your wires so that they are out of the way, and also to use power strips or power boards to keep them in one place. After all, tangled wires can cause accidents and even fires. Good power strips can prevent this.

What exactly are power strips?

Power strips are devices with several sockets that can be used for plugging different appliances. Because it is flexible, it is commonly used in areas that have several appliances like kitchens, living rooms, and entertainment rooms. Although power strips are convenient, they can also cause accidents and fires if used improperly Power Strip with USB Charging Ports B07DLMGXMC.

Different types

Power strips have different functions. Some allow you to plug in another power strip to create multiple connections. Some power boards have special extras like switches so you can turn the unit off when it is in use.

Power boards are also made for different applications. There are commercial, office, and hospital-grade power boards. Commercial power boards come in floor mount, wall mount, or workbench designs. They are great for ordinary appliances. Office power boards, in the other hand, have more output receptacles to plug in more devices. They are built more securely for different equipment. Finally, a hospital power strip has a 15-amp capacity and a 120-volt power. It also prevents automatic shut off.


When misused, power strips can cause accidents such as fire and may also damage your appliances. That’s why it is important to buy only the high-quality units that have extra features such as thermal sensors. Power boards that have higher receptacles are also more convenient to use.

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