Fine-Tuning Your KPI Dashboard

A key performance indicator (KPI dashboard) typically provides you with a visual representation of the most important metrics that you want to monitor. This could include any type of data from a number of different business environments. Using gauges, graphs, charts, and other visual tools, the KPI dashboard serves much like an automotive dashboard by providing you with visual feedback based on the car’s engine, throttle, temperature, and other systems. While a car’s dashboard has little room for customization, a KPI dashboard can, and should, be fine-tuned. Here is some valuable advice to help you fine-tune your KPI dashboard and increase performance.

Start by cleaning it up. It’s tempting to load your dashboard with all of the bells and whistles supported by the data visualization software you use. In fact, you might even have multiple views of the same data, all cluttering up the dashboard and leaving less room for fresh information. This might take some time to go through, but remember that it is a necessary step when fine-tuning your dashboard and making it better suited for your needs. Go through each item currently included and ask the following questions:

1. Does this object display information that I must view at least once per day?
2. Does this object duplicate information that already appears on my dashboard?
3. Is this the best object type to display this information?
4. Should this object be placed on a secondary dashboard Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4″ B00X528FNE?

Keep in mind that your KPI dashboard should display key performance indicators, not every possible performance indicator in existence. In addition, the dashboard should show everything at a glance, without requiring scrolling or clicking. This will save time and increase efficiency when looking at the dashboard.

Next, organize the dashboard so that it makes sense. You may have several related objects that should go together or that may need to be re-ordered so that they build upon each other. It’s also smart to follow a pattern, even with data that’s unrelated. For example, if start grouping data by day, week, month, quarter, and then all grouped data should follow a similar pattern. Organizing the KPI dashboard will help the user understand how the data relates to one another more easily.

Insurance Benefits of a Dashboard Cam for Your Car: Current Perspective and Outlook

A dashboard cam is a camera that is placed on your windshield or dashboard and is continuously recording everything that happens while you are driving the car. More advanced version of the cameras can also record rear views; some are equipped with infra-red sensors to enable recordings in the dark too. The camera automatically switches on and begins recording as soon as the car engine starts. It saves all video data to a memory card. Some cameras are capable of recording in High Definition and deliver great video quality.

This is a particular technology that can be quite interesting for many drivers. It is mature and extensively used technology in several countries where accident and insurance fraud appears to be a problem (e.g. Russia, China).


Is it a good idea to have such a device on board of a car? I think so! The camera is your objective witness and can “speak” for you should something happen. It can be an accident due to an unexpected maneuver from the car in front of you or a fraudulent accident that is almost impossible to recognize or simply a situation that will require a detailed examination later. Whatever it is, a dashboard cam will be there to contribute to finding out the truth Cam Front and Rear 170 Degree Wide Angle Wi-Fi B07H4B75YL.

Is data privacy a concern in this case? I do not think, as long as the video stays with the car and is not transmitted elsewhere. At the moment most dash cams use a memory card which is constantly being re-written since video is recorded in a loop. This results in only the last few hours or days of the video available (depending on memory card’s size).


There are two organizations that would probably benefit the most from such a device being used by consumers: insurers and law enforcement. This is because a dash cam can greatly contribute to the resolution of traffic accidents and claims.

I am not sure how police sees the idea of dashboard cams in ordinary cars but police cars are equipped with this technology to document road situations. I would imagine they would embrace this technology as it would only facility their jobs.

Apple Watch – First Impression

Apple Watch has been around for a few months. Well, in some countries at least. It arrived here, in Thailand in mid-July and I made sure I got it on the first day it became available. So, after calling all the people I know have anything to do with Apple, I got it reserved. Into a car right after work, 2 hours in traffic, another 30 minutes to find a parking spot and another 20 to find the shop and… I was finally able to put my hand of the watch. Or rather, to put Apple Watch on my hand.

The first thing you want to do it to link it to your iPhone and start playing with it but… you need to be patient. It takes a few good minutes to boot. It seems like forever as you want to play with your new Apple Watch right away. After all, this is very different from any other Apple product apple watch cuffr B07H28T8RQ .

So, 5 minutes passed and I was at last able to play with my new toy. First thing I wanted to do was to check the watch faces. I expected 20 or 30 faces and was given a choice of just 10! Just 10 faces is not enough and, to be honest, they are not that exciting. Modular face is what I went for as you are able to add 5 complications to it. So I added things I use more often, namely weather, calendar, date, activities and battery status.

Next, let’s have a look at the apps. There are some apps preloaded and more and more apps have the Apple Watch version now. You can upload apps to your watch via iPhone. The process is smooth and very fast. The menu of the apps might be a bit confusing in the beginning. All those little circles moving around might be something overwhelming at first but you will get used to it. And soon you will realize that it is probably the best possible layout. A long list of apps would not, most likely, work well. Also, you can change the layout of the apps on your iPhone. You should place the apps you will be using most often closer to the center for easier access.

A New Breed of Car Phone Holder

As better apps are made for smart phones, it is becoming less necessary for the geographically-stunted of us to shell out on a proper Sat Nav, as it’s quite easy to do the job on your phone instead. And now that screens are getting so large, there’s no problem with having to squint at a tiny screen as you try to make your way down the road. But one thing you will need is a good car phone mount that will keep your phone in place, safely and in an easily readable position.

One problem a lot of people reported having with many holders on the market is that their positioning in the car can be at best awkward and at worst potentially dangerous. Mounts that stick to the windscreen can distract the driver and block the view of the road at vital moments, and air vent holders not only block the vent itself but are also not very stable and can flop around all over the place. A new solution to the problem has been posed in the form of the Dash Genie, which is the world’s first suction-based dashboard holder. The Genie is designed to cling tightly to your dashboard without the need for adhesive and won’t leave behind any sticky marks IKOPO Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Air Vent B07F8W8HDS.

The Dash Genie can be attached to the dashboard with the use of a simple suction cup which should then keep your phone tightly in place, whether you’re hurtling over speed-bumps or swinging around corners. It’s made of an innovative material that’s super-sticky, so you can just plonk your phone on it an off you go.

The Business of Classical Music Concerts – How to Keep Babies and Toddlers Quiet and Interested

Parents who love music want to expose their children to the joy of these beautiful sounds as soon as possible. Introducing children to music as early as possible is great for their overall personal growth and personal development. However, there is often a stigma associated with taking a young child to a classical music concert. Also, it is often quite a business to get a young child to sit still for long periods of time, and this in turn can cause a fair amount of stress to both the parent and to the audience.

I was at a music concert that had been organised specifically for parents and their young children, i.e., for toddlers and babies. Sitting at the edge of the aisle at the back of the auditorium I had a really clear view of what parents and children were doing throughout the concert.

Toddlers actually need sounds to be at a stimulus level of approximately 75 dbHL (Hearing Level) at their ear in order to attract their attention from whatever they are doing. In the absence of the usual loudspeakers, from about half-way back the music was not loud enough to gain the toddlers’ attention and this half of the room appeared to be in its own little world. Toddlers were making up their own games and were not part of the action at the front.

The organisers had placed several boxes of toys at the front of the audience to help to keep the young children relatively quiet during the music concert. However, this meant that only the first few rows of the audience had access to the toys from the box. At one point a little girl ran from the front to the back of the room with a toy trumpet which caused absolute mayhem as all the other toddlers tried to leap off their parents’ laps (and many succeeded) in order to chase the toddler for her trumpet cat power concert.

It would have been more interesting (and certainly quieter) to give each parent a coloured handkerchief or scarf as they entered the auditorium so that their child could play with this ‘silently’ to their heart’s desire. Scarves are also good from a health and safety point of view as children are renowned for having accidents with even the safest toy. Also, the babies present who were not developmentally mature enough to see small toys would have enjoyed watching the movement of a colourful scarf being waved in front of their eyes.

When the musicians were playing the more soothing pieces of music, the parents rocked their children and there was an air of real peace in the auditorium. When the music switched to a more upbeat rhythm that one could almost march to, the parents began to move their head and limbs in time to the music and the children followed suit. It was this music that elicited the most smiles and body-activity in the audience.

Children of all ages habituate to new sounds in approximately three to four minutes. We take this through to adulthood – this is believed to be one of the reasons why most pop songs are generally three minutes long! Regarding the young children attending the concert, it was interesting to watch how the pieces of music that over-ran this time period produced more disruptive and ratty behaviour from the toddlers and babies.

It is a wonderful idea to introduce not just classical but all types of music to children from birth, and also whilst still in the womb. From a parent’s point of view, one of the best things about concerts organised specifically for young children is that they do not have to worry about trying to keep their youngsters quiet. Concerts for toddlers and babies are a great idea and should more accessible to wider audiences.

3 Of The Best 6-Port USB Chargers

Multi port USB chargers ensure that you are able to charge a large number of devices at the same time. If you are looking for the best multi port chargers, here are some of the best 6-port chargers:

Phototive 50 Watt 6-port USB desktop rapid charger

It charges your devices at full speed with 50 watts and 10A total output. It has the ability of charging at both 110 and 220V input voltage; therefore, it’s ideal for international travel. In addition to allowing you to charge 6 devices at the same time, it has an overcharge protection that protects your devices from overcharging.

It incorporates the latest Auto detect technology that enables every USB port to intelligently identify the device that has been attached to it. In addition to this it charges both Apple and Android devices USB Recharging Devices Tablets B07D9K1NFK.

Poweradd 50W 6-port desktop charger

It’s made in an ergonomic, compact, and portable design that makes it not only easy to carry, but also elegant to look at. It measures 4.05 X3.03 X 1.02 inches. This size ensures that it fits perfectly on your desk or nightstand. You can also easily carry it when travelling 5-Port USB Charger Docking Station & Organizer B07D9K1NFK.

The plastic used in making it is fire-resistant which means that it can’t be damaged by fire. To ensure device safety, it comes with an in-built premium circuitry and microchip.

It’s compatible with a wide range of devices. For example, it’s compatible with all generations of Apple iPads. It’s also compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Apple iPhones, iPods, and Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Tenergy 6-Port USB Wall Charger

The charger comes with dedicated, powered USB ports that make it easy for you to recharge multiple devices at the same time. The most amazing thing about it is that it detects the power requirements depending on the connected device.

This means that if you connect an apple device, the charger automatically detects the device and adjusts the power requirements accordingly. This feature is great as you don’t have to worry of your device overcharging or getting too hot during charging.

Yurbuds – The Earbud Enhancer

When I first heard about Yurbuds I was skeptical. You see Yurbuds are no ordinary earbuds. In fact, they aren’t earbuds at all. They are earbud enhancers and they are designed to provide a comfortable fit. The Yurbuds are primarily designed for the default iPod earbuds. The default iPod earbuds have a flat shape, so they easily fall out of ears. Yurtopia, the Yurbuds manufacturer, decided to remedy this issue and produce somewhat of a cover for earbuds

The Yurbuds are claimed to be custom fit, but that is not the reality. What you have to do is send a picture of your ear with a reference object-a coin or the standard iPod earbuds. Yurtopia then uses “FitScan” technology, analyzes your ear shape and sends you one of the prebuild Yurbuds that matches your ear shape the best. If you have an iPhone then you can use the “Size Yur Ear” app. All you do is take a picture with your iPhone and it will automatically transfer to Yurtopia Wireless Earbuds,Touch Control Ture B07H18FYL8

The Yurbuds cover is made from “medical grade” silicon. At first glance, the Yurbuds look uncomfortable to use. In reality, you will be surprised by how well they fit. The advantage of the somewhat customized fit is that the earbuds fit very well into your ear. Unlike most stock earbuds, where you must change the caps and only if you are lucky you will get a good fit. The Yurbuds redirect all your music into your ear canal. However they do not isolate noise completely. The Yurbuds are designed to let some of the outside noise into your ear– presumably for safety reasons.

There are several important things you must consider before buying Yurbuds. Size is very important. Have too much of a space between your ear and the bud – you won’t be able to hear your music completely. If you have too little of a space, you will feel discomfort. With the right amount of space, you will forget the Yurbuds are even there. So when sending the photo of your ear with the reference object, make sure the image is clear, the lighting is good and that the focus is on your ear and not your face (zoom into your ear)

Tips on Choosing the Right Socks

It is not always easy to know how to choose the right kind of socks. If we did all know then sweating, blisters and swelling could be avoided! Use these tips to know hoe to buy the ideal pair of socks.

Keep your activities in mind. Unless your goal is to open your own sock store, you don’t need own multiple varieties.  Pretty much just buy pairs suitable to your lifestyle. As an example, if you’re an athlete, you probably want padded socks for protection Best Stockings for Running, Medical B07JVCZXTZ.

Take into account the weather. As the temperatures go up, you should have socks that don’t let your feet get too hot or get hurt. For the cold seasons, your feet need insulated or padded socks to keep them warm. If you love watching live sport outdoors, you can even get battery-operated heated socks!

Make sure they fit really well. The pair of socks you choose should not be overly flimsy or loose-fitting – don’t let them persistently slip or get devoured by the soles of your shoes nor should they be overly thick either. If you’re tall, be sure the length from toe to heel is just right. If they are too long, they will be uncomfortable around the toe. Your sock length should be uniform, even on both sides. So, if you are wearing boots, wear socks to an appropriate length to protect your legs from getting rubbed by the boot tops.

Check the workmanship of the socks. Look within and outside. Of course, there must be no holes in the socks when you buy them. Another tip is that you can tell that your socks are high quality by the feel of the fabric.

Select the type that is comfortable. You don’t want to waste cash on socks that are as rough as sandpaper. If you are very active, cotton socks are not a good idea. Though it is superb at soaking in sweat, cotton saturates quickly and is slow to dry – you will end up getting blisters. For either cold or warm weather, merino wool absorbs wetness quickly and pads your feet – also it will not itch like the ordinary type of wool. On the down side, it dries slower than synthetic materials such as nylon or spandex. Synthetic materials are designed to absorb and quickly draw up wetness, padding the feet and drying quickly. B remember synthetic will be less comfortable for hot weather.

Adopt Electric Pressure Washers for Better Cleaning

Electric pressure washers have made their way into our modern lifestyles. They help remove the layers of dust that settles down when overlooked in your daily routine. They can help make your living place hygienic and beautiful, removing the settled dust and filth. They can also help remove age-old stains, infusing freshness in homes. With busy schedules, it becomes impossible to remove the caked dust manually.

An electric washer helps remove dirt in minutes, saving the entire weekend that was previously reserved for cleaning. Moreover, these have an edge over the traditional gas pressure washers. Gas washers are not only more expensive, but also require more maintenance than the electric ones. Electric washers stop automatically, whereas the user has to stop the gas ones manually. Electric washers offer many further benefits and turn out to be perfect for contemporary busy lifestyles Washer Patio/Floor/Wall/Furniture(CSA Approved) B07H7L92QD.

The very thought of gas power washers brings memories of high decibel noise. Even the neighbors come to know about the cleaning schedule at home. Here electric washers come to the rescue of both you and your neighbors. They do not make ultra high-decibel noise while cleaning the furniture and accessories. In fact, they make virtually no noise at all. Even sleeping kids do not come to know when the electric pressure washer is working. But note that the absence of noise does not make electric washers less effective than the gasoline ones.

They are as well-equipped and effectual as the gas washers when it comes to cleaning for most jobs. Electric ones work on lower output pressure and are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor cleaning, unlike gas ones which cannot be used indoors due to noisy operation and dangerous fumes. An electric pressure washer makes a home and its exteriors look good. They can be the best equipment for people suffering with dust allergies. It is not possible to hire expensive cleaning services every weekend, hence these machines also prove beneficial in this respect.

An electric power washer does not require any sort of fuel. Hence, there is literally no exhaust, making them environmentally friendly. The gas ones do not only emit fumes, but also the noxious smells that makes them unbearable. Furthermore, gas machines require more maintenance than the electric ones. Gas machines are equipped with a combustion engine that requires regular upkeep. Users have to overlook the fuel mixing, oil requirement, etc. Gas machines also require pull starting. Therefore, when the user takes a rest between cleaning, it does not stop automatically and consumes oil in the duration. If users take the trouble to stop the machine, as they do not want to hear the noise, the machine requires a pull-start again.

Calipers – EKG Calipers at Their Best

EKG Calipers for the medical staff and other professions come in different configurations depending on their intended use with a wide range of prices. For the physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, and others an EKG caliper is a must in his and her tool set and inexpensive way to measure strips and body fat.

Where To Use The Caliper

An excellent place to use an EKG caliper is measuring EKG strips (hence the same). The tips of the caliper are adjusted to fit on the wave that is being measured. If a relative measurement is desired, then just move to the next wave, placing the tips in the same position on the new wave and check for the difference between the 1st wave and the 2nd wave. If a measurement is desired, then place the tips on a measuring device such as a ruler and take a reading.

EKG calipers can also be used to measure body fat. Good places to check are on the side of a person’s arm, waist area, side of the calf, etc. Then you can take a measurement and assess the fat levels of a patient Clockwise Tools DCLR-0605 Electronic Digital Caliper B018D9JPPA.


EKG calipers can be purchased as stand-a-lone or in a number of configurations that include the caliper along with:

  • A Pen
  • A Pointer
  • Scissors
  • Light sources; laser and light
  • Measuring scales
  • Stents for educational purposes
  • USB, to capture/transfer data to/from a computer
  • Etc.


Most calipers come in one of two forms, pocket or necklace. The pocket caliper is designed to be carried in a shirt or pants pocket and the necklace caliper is designed to be carried from the neck.

Today’s calipers have come a long ways of being just a simple stand-a-lone caliper to several different types of configurations to fit the needs of the user. Although the EKG caliper was designed for physician, in its numerous configurations, it is now being used today by other professions as well including medical, navigation, aviation, automotive and others just to name a few. If you have a need for accurate finite measurements, a caliper exists that will give the results desired. Just search the internet.