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A Few Facts About Baby Blankets

Baby blankets and quilts are a popular gift at baby showers. All new parents should have at least one or two blankets to use for warmth, comfort, security and cuddling. Choosing the right characteristics for the blankets you buy as a gift or for your own newborn will depend upon the living situation and environment. You also need to take into consideration the composition of the blanket fabric and whether or not it is easy to keep clean.

Some of the earliest blankets that are the perfect size for an infant are called receiving blankets. They are very soft, usually cotton or other washable fabric. They may be just a thick flannel. The concept is that the small blanket is easily washable, helps to maintain body temperature and is soft enough that it won’t irritate the baby’s very sensitive skin.

Crib blankets are the perfect size to fit a standard crib mattress. These are more like the typical bedding that you would find for adult beds. The focus is still on the softness, warmth and washability. These are often the blankets that a toddler and sometimes even older child carries around as a comfort object.

Some blankets are almost like sacks. This type of bedding arrangement makes it impossible for the child to kick the blankets off and become too chilled. It’s easy to use this as a blanket for traveling since it is not as large as full size bedding, Some baby sacks are almost like a bag with sleeves Heavy Blanket with Glass Beads Fill┬áB07KPVMDQ7.

A swaddling blanket is for the young infant so that the arms and chest are wrapped more closely. The lower part of a swaddle can be a bag or sack. This type of blanket also provides a sense of security because it prevents the instinctive fear of falling that infants have.

A common style of blanket is a polyester blanket in a soft weave bound by a satin feel ribbon or binding. The binding usually forms a border of about two inches but may be narrower. The binding can be a coordinating fabric or sometimes a contrasting color. These blankets are used as an alternative to a coat for a young baby. Pastel colors are most common.

Baby blankets should definitely be washable. The blankets that you choose should not be too heavy or bulky, but must provide warmth when appropriate. The fabric must be supple enough to wrap around your baby easily. If you like a particular gender related color, there are many options. Some of the blankets are packaged with age-appropriate cuddly toys.

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